Senior Product Designer

Telecommute · San Francisco, California, United States


About Us

Here at Freckle, our mission is to ensure that every student gets a world-class education. We believe that students do their best learning when teachers can reach them at their individual levels. Yet, most teachers are only provided with resources that teach to one specific level.

To overcome this, teachers work nights and weekends to find the perfect piece of content for each of their students. Then, during the day, they work with their classes in small groups so they can personalize their instruction as best they can. Teachers are doing this all on their own and they deserve our help!

That’s why, at Freckle, we’re passionate about providing teachers with the resources and data they need to teach all of their students at the level that’s best for them. As of today, we reach over 10 million students across 50% of American schools and, with your help, we’re excited to make an even larger impact.

What you tell your friends you do

"Teachers have it hard - they get insufficient support from their districts and have like 30 kids in a class all at different levels, making it impossible to really reach them. I get them incredible technology and curriculum so they can actually do what they got into teaching to do - help students."

What you will do

Join Freckle as a senior member of the design team, and help set the tone for how Freckle builds products. As the Senior Product Designer, you will be involved in every aspect of the product development process, from brainstorming with the founding team to working with customers on ideas to helping the engineering team execute on them. You will be expected to utilize your full range of product design, interaction design, and visual design skills, and you will own the experience for all of Freckle's product.

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